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  AGS have over 25 years experience  
consulting, training, assessing,
 facilitating, coaching and educating
over 150 organisations          



Review and Assessments


Organisational Development

Guides, manuals, intranets

Policies, procedures

Process, 'roadmaps'

**AIPM RegPM assessments**

AIPM PM Organisation Accreditation

Organisation, program, project reviews

**Qualification assessments**

Project Management Templates

Program Management Templates

Roadmap & 45 step 'methodology'

(Under construction - contact us)

Public Courses, Sydney

Online and Distance Courses

Corporate In-Company courses

Diploma of Management

 >> Brochure. >> Booking form

 6-8 May 2014, 20-22 August 2014

Project Management (Cert IV) 

 >> Brochure  >> Booking form

12-14 Feb 2014, 1-4 Apr 2014,
22-25 July 2014, 4-7 Nov 2014

Project Management (Diploma)

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12-14 Feb 2014, 1-4 Apr 2014,
22-25 July 2014,
4-7 Nov 2014

Program & Portfolio Management

(Advanced Diploma)

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11-14 March & 9-12 Sep 2014

$1,500 inc GST - Cert IV

$1,750 inc GST - Diploma/Adv Dip 

$1,175 inc GST  - RPL


Risk Management

19 June & 17 Oct 2014

$500 inc GST - No qualification.

$750 inc GST - St. of Attainment

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Comments from past delegates

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)


Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Project & Program Management

*$1,500 incl. GST Cert IV 

*$1,700 incl. GST - Project & Pgm Mgt
  Diploma, Advanced Diploma

Diploma of Management

$1,500-$1,750 incl. GST.  

Risk Management  

*$750 incl. GST

Project Management Basics (Cert. IV)

Project Management (Diploma)

Program & portfolio mgt. (Adv. Dip.)

Diploma of Management

Risk Management

PMP-CAPM Support

Culture change

more courses…

Registration Forms

>> Project, Program, Portfolio & Risk
      Management Courses

>> Diploma of Management


Project Management Basics AQF 4

Project Management (Diploma of PM)

Program & Portfolio Mgt (Adv. Dip).

Diploma of Management

PMP-CAPM Support


Risk Management

Professional development

Culture change

more courses…

Public - Online - Corporate Courses - Qualifications Offered

Certificate IV in Project Management

Diploma of Project Management

Advanced Diploma of Project
 Management (BSB60707)

Diploma of Management

Australian Institute of Project Management Endorsed Course Provider

NSW Government Pre-qualified Consultant (Project Management & Procurement)

Project Management Qualifications via Agreement with Project Performance Group (RTO 90922) 

Diploma of Management Qualifications via Agreement with Tactical Training Group (RTO 91054)

University of Sydney, Project Management Graduate Program

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