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Registered Project Manager (RegPM) is the Australian Institute of Project Management’s (AIPM’s) National Certification Program. Educational qualifications are a separate form of recognition from RegPM.

AIPM’s Certification Program is based on AIPM’s own Competency Standards. RegPM is widely recognised in all sectors as a best practice model for project, program and portfolio management.

There are 5 levels of RegPM:
CPPE        Certified Practising Portfolio Executive
CPPD       Certified Practising Project Director
CPSPM     Certified Practising Senior Project Manager*
CPPM       Certified Practising Project Manager*
CPPP        Certified Practising Project Practitioner 

*  Eligible candidates can complete CPPM & CPSPM. via a single assessment.


See AIPM Membership and RegPM Certification Pathway.

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Alan Schwartz (Director, AGS Consulting & Training)
is an approved Australian Institute of Project Manager
RegPM Assessor
 at all levels. Alan may be nominated as your
assessor when applying
(to AIPM) for RegPM. 


RegPM Steps

1. Apply for AIPM membership
2. Apply to AIPM for RegPM, nominating Alan Schwartz as your assessor
3. Collect evidence ie about 15-20 key deliverables through the lifecycle (as required by the AIPM Standard), from 2 or more projects (programs or portfolio)
4. Submit RegPM Candidate Information sheet with program-project descriptions and resume/CV
5. Complete and sign the AIPM Assessment Record Book
6. Undertake the assessment (via email and phone or face-to-face)

Processes vary depending upon the RegPM level and whether or not the assessment includes a qualification (such as a Diploma of Project Management).     


Examples of AGS-Alan Schwartz Corporate RegPM Clients:

Gilbert + Tobin

Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR)
United Group
Teachers Mutual Bank

Department of Public Works and Services
Defence Materiel Organisation
Worley Parsons
Teachers Credit Union
Australian Institute of Management
City of Canada Bay
Cessnock City Council

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